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Since the start of business in 1968, Showa Sokki Corporation as a manufacturer specializing in vibration gages has made efforts contributing to the “safety and comfort” of society by helping maintenance operations to prevent accidents through vibration measurement in every field you may list, including motor vehicles, railroad cars, aircraft, ships, and other means of transportation, turbines, power generators, motors, pumps, compressors, and other plant-related rotary machines, along with machine tools, medical equipment, home electronics, and architectural structures. To achieve our goal, we have taken good care to reduce in-house waste, be prudent in luxury, acquire new technologies, work hard all the time, and thus provide reasonably priced products offering superior quality.






Company Overview

Trade name Showa Sokki Corporation
Foundation date December 25, 1970
Capital fund \10 million
Company Officer Chairman Shungo Ukai
President Kenji Ukai
Director Nobumasa Iguchi
Auditor Hiroyuki Kashiwazaki
Business content Manufacture and sales of vibration measurement equipment,
vibration monitoring equipment, and associated equipment
Major clients Government and other public offices,
independent administrative institutions, research institutes,
national and public universities,
automobile and aviation industries, power companies,
steel and metal industries, heavy electric machinery industry,
shipbuilding industry, blower and pump industries, etc.
Head Office 1-5-9, Kandaizumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0024 JAPAN
Phone: 03-3866-3210
Fax: 03-3866-3060
Osaka Branch T・M・B DOSHOMACHI BUILDING 3F, 2-1-10,
Phone: 06-6205-5070
Fax: 06-6220-0660
Factory 3-16-2, Sennin-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo, 193-0835 JAPAN
Phone: 042-664-3232
Fax: 042-664-3276


Approach to the Environment and Quality

Quality Policy

The president has set forth the quality policy of Showa Sokki Corporation (hereinafter, the Company) as follows:

1.The Company shall provide products in response to customer demand and expectations, and focus on product quality in order to enhance the level of customer satisfaction under the slogan of “Monozukuri.”

2. The Company is aware of the importance of meeting customer requests and legal requirements, and constantly makes every effort to improve quality, thereby establishing credibility closely linked to the community.

3. To achieve its quality policy, the Company sets quality goals and continuously reviews those goals for appropriateness, with all company members working as a single, united body to promote the quality management system.



Environment Policy


The Company has conducted business on the basis of co-existence and co-prosperity with the community by establishing three main pillars: 1) providing products with a customer focus, 2) implementing earth-friendly environmental policy, and 3) ensuring employee safety. To strengthen environmental policy relative to its business operations, the Company has set up an integral management system to promote environment-related activities that include the following:

1. The Company shall properly respond to its activities, the sort and scale of its products and services, and environmental effects.

2. The Company shall set and revise its environmental objectives and goals.

3. The Company shall clarify and observe applicable legislation and other requirements as pertaining to its business.
In addition, the Company shall establish voluntary standards for responding to the desires of the community.

4. The Company shall make efforts to prevent environmental pollution through the following:
(1) Reduction of resource waste
(2) Control of contained chemical substances
(3) Reduction of energy consumption

5. The Company shall ensure that all its employees are familiar with this policy.

6. The Company shall document, implement, and maintain this policy.

7. The Company shall make this policy available to the general public on a website or via other means.






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